Music Box of Sanctuary

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Music Box of Sanctuary
Tinkering Level:4
Crafting Requirement:16 crafting points, 80 coin
Encampment Item:Yes
Brief Description:Creates sanctuary effect as long as music plays, 3/ gd.

Tinkering Item: Music Box of Sanctuary

A music box of sanctuary is a per game day magic encampment item that activates when you start to play music from it up to three times per game day. For as long as the music plays the box is the center of a sanctuary effect.

Related Rules

Per Game Day Magic Objects

All types of magic objects that duplicate spells require an incant to activate the spell unless the object specifies something different in its description.

Objects that are per game day never wear out from use, but can only be used a limited number of times per game day. These items cast spells but don't require any magic power points from the user to activate. Separate from the cap character's have on power points per game day, there is also a cap of twenty magic power points (spell levels) worth of spells from per game day objects each game day. Per game day items with "unlimited activations" or "unlimited use" still count against this channeling limit unless they specifically state otherwise. Once the charges of one of these objects is expended it is useless for the remainder of the game day.

Sanctuary Calls

A sanctuary is a twenty-foot diameter bubble of magical force, focused on a spot indicated by the source. Even though the bubble appears as a dome, it is assumed to form a complete bubble with the lower half manifesting below the ground. In order to use this effect, a blue flag or tag bag must be placed on the ground indicating the center of the sanctuary. The sanctuary does not move from that point and the source must stay within the effect's area or the sanctuary will end immediately.

Only magic spells can enter a sanctuary effect. This allows magic users to cast from inside the bubble but also makes them vulnerable to spell from the outside. Physical objects are prevented from entering the sanctuary, so those outside of the effect may not fire ranged weapons into the sanctuary.

Some effects that protect against magic can allow a character to enter a sanctuary. Gasses will not enter the sanctuary but it is assumed that the bubble contains enough air to support any number of people for the duration of the effect.

Physical objects, including characters may leave the sanctuary at any time. This means that ranged attacks may be fired out of the sanctuary bubble.

All beneficiaries may move around inside the sanctuary without ending the effect as long as they stay in its area of effect. If an occupant other than the effect's source decides to leave the sanctuary, the effect does not end and that character may not reenter the sanctuary. Any character, friend or foe, within ten feet of the sanctuary's center at the time of its creation are automatically enclosed in the bubble.

Because only magic may enter the sanctuary effect if a character partially exits the effect (including, but not limited to, swinging a weapon outside of the effect), the parts of the character (and any gear) that exited the sanctuary can't be brought back into the sanctuary effect.

If a sanctuary is raised in a place where a twenty-foot diameter bubble would not have room to form, such as a tunnel, it is assumed to manifest completely but will not effect adjoining areas that might contain other characters. This means that players with no reasonable way to know a sanctuary is in play are not affected by being within 20 feet of it until they move to a location where they can be made aware the effect exists.

Players in a sanctuary effect may call "sanctuary" at any time while the effect is up to make others aware of the effect.

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