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Production Point Items

Production point items can be traded-in during sign-in to gain additional production points up to normal caps. The cost to produce an item is the same value you get for turning the item in.

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Production Points and Related Skills

Production points are used to create consumables such as potions, scrolls, and alchemical compounds. A character only spends production points when you first check-in for an event. In order to create items you'll have to learn to use the preproduction system. Characters can purchase additional production points each event for 3 coin per point. Some items may also be turned in at check-in for additional production points.

Characters are restricted to a cap of 20 production points from all sources.

Name Type Level Production Requirements Related Skill(s)

Alchemy Extract (Rank 1) Alchemy 1 1 Production Point, 1 Coin Alchemy One

Alchemy Extract (Rank 2) Alchemy 2 2 Production Points, 2 Coins Alchemy One

Potion Water (Rank 1) Potions 1 1 Production Point, 1 Coin Brew Potion

Potion Water (Rank 2) Potions 2 2 Production Points, 2 Coins Brew Potion

Scroll Paper (Rank 1) Scrolls 1 1 Production Point, 1 Coin Scribe Scroll

Scroll Paper (Rank 2) Scrolls 2 2 Production Points, 2 Coins Scribe Scroll

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