Ritual Quill

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Ritual Quill
Alchemy Level:2
Flag Required:None
Herbalism Required to Use:No
Production Requirements:2 Production Points, 2 Coins, Mirror of Sophistry, Alchemy Two

Ritual Quill

Ritual magic is some of the most powerful and potent in Novitas. Because of this, special care and materials are often used when preparing and performing rituals.

Rituals are often contained on special scrolls known as ritual scrolls. Ritual scrolls can only be written with a ritual quill. In addition, scrolls containing powerful fifth level magic spells, such as Maelstrom, must be scribed with a ritual quill. A single ritual quill may be reused for any number of fifth level scrolls, but using a ritual quill to scribe a ritual scroll renders the quill useless, it must then be discarded and replaced.

Creation of this object requires the player to provide their own prop to represent it. This can be nearly any writing implement that does not look modern or anachronistic. This prop must be presented and approved at logistics at sign in, where it will be given a treasure ID number. A ritual quill is an in-game, stealable item.

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