Shackles of Grounding

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Shackles of Grounding
Tinkering Level:2
Crafting Requirement:8 crafting points, 40 coin
Encampment Item:No
Brief Description:Magical shackles permanently ground the wearer.

Tinkering Item: Shackles of Grounding

Shackles of grounding are a permanent magic object which cause the individual shackled to be permanently be under a grounding effect.

Related Rules

Restraining Other Players

At times in-game you will find that you wish to restrain another character. This can only be done to helpless or willing characters (there are no lassos in-game). An appropriate prop is always required to restrain a character.

You are only allowed to restrain another player if that player is willing to be physically restrained. If both parties agree to actual physical restraint then the bound player may attempt to break free if they are able and can then role-play accordingly.

If either party does not wish to do real physical restraint all involved should role-play the idea that the player is restrained but not physically restrain anyone. Players "restrained" in this fashion should NOT attempt to break free, though they can role-play failing attempts to do so.

The Grounding Effect

Grounding prevents the following spells and effects from happening:

Grounding dispels the following effects:

Permanent Magic Objects

Permanent objects are always active and are never expended. Because they are always active they should only require an incant to use if they explicitly say they do.

Restraining Monstrous Creatures

Monstrous creatures are immune to mundane (non-magical) restraints.

Any magic object that is made to be a restraint, such as shackles of grounding can restrain a monstrous creature.

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