Shielding Stone

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Shielding Stone
Tinkering Level:3
Crafting Requirement:12 crafting points, 60 coin
Encampment Item:Yes
Brief Description:Spend 10 minutes at your encampment to gain anti-magic shield.

Tinkering Item: Shielding Stone

After members of a party spend at least 10 minutes at an encampment which contains a shielding stone they are affected by the spell anti-magic shield. This happens automatically, requiring no action from the player other than being present for 10 minutes. A shielding stone is a permanent magic object.

Prop should be an interesting looking stone larger than a tennis ball. Can be painted or decorated by other means. No fake or plastic stones.

Related Rules

Party Effects

Items that affect a "party" work on the items owner +5 people designated regardless of how many people are in the adventuring group.

Permanent Magic Objects

Permanent objects are always active and are never expended. Because they are always active they should only require an incant to use if they explicitly say they do.

Related Spells

Anti-Magic Shield

Anti-magic shield creates a powerful magic field around the target that absorbs the next offensive magic spell or attack with the magic call to hit them. The shield is a one time prevention effect that automatically negates the next offensive spell effect, or attack with the 'Magic' call, that hits the character. They simply call 'no effect' when this happens. Creature special abilities that act like spell effects, such as a 'fear' call from a bagman, are also stopped.

If you are hit by an attack that could trigger the shield but which doesn't apply to you the shield is not consumed. For example if you are a living creature hit by repel undead the attack would normally have no effect so the shield is not consumed.

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