A shrine is a sacred location which is typically created by a character with the chosen role-playing skill. All chosen are capable of setting up a shrine with an appropriate object to act as the centerpiece for that shrine. Shrines can be either holy or unholy which will impact what game effect the shrine generates.

Shrines are capable of producing a sanctify effect, an unhallow, or a sanctuary effect depending on who creates them and where they are created.

A shrines effect is constantly on going once activated and may not be dispelled. Desecrating a shrine through role-playing will end the effect generated by the shrine.

Shrines set up in a building provide an effect of either sanctify OR unhallow. Shrines set up outside provide the effect of sanctuary. These effects last indefinitely while the chosen prays at their shrine.

The effect created by the shrine is determined by the player, when the chosen one role-playing skill is purchased, and may not be changed at a later date.

Shrines can only be activated by an obvious and audible ritualistic action. The first time a shrine is set up the action must be witnessed by a game master or marshal. Subsequent activations are honor based. A shrine does not need to be kept at a fixed location.

Only one shrine can be active in a single structure at a time. For an additional shrine to be activated in the same structure, the first must be disrupted or deactivated before the second shrine can be activated.

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