Smelling Salts

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Smelling Salts
Alchemy Level:3
Flag Required:None
Herbalism Required to Use:No
Production Requirements:3 Production Points, 3 Coins, Hermetic Rod, Alchemy Three

Smelling Salts

Use of smelling salts on a subject cures them of any stun, charm, dominate, fear, or other magical (or natural) mind-affecting effects such as anesthesia, truth serum, etc.

You must role-play holding the smelling salts under the nose of the recipient, at which time the subject is immediately cured of all such effects.

Smelling salts is a permanent item, but can only be used once per game day.

Categories: Alchemical Items | Level Three Alchemical Items | Items | Stun Calls | Charm Calls | Dominate Calls | Fear Calls

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