Soothing Masterpiece

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Soothing Masterpiece
Tinkering Level:5
Crafting Requirement:20 crafting points, 100 coin
Encampment Item:Yes
Brief Description:After 10 seconds benefit from heal body and mend armor 6/ gd

Tinkering Item: Soothing Masterpiece

A soothing masterpiece is a per game day magic encampment item that casts the spells heal body and mend armor on a character after they spend 10 seconds gazing at it. This can be done up to six times per game day. Gazing at the soothing masterpiece for 10 seconds is the activation for this item so it does not require an incant to use.

Related Rules

Per Game Day Magic Objects

All types of magic objects that duplicate spells require an incant to activate the spell unless the object specifies something different in its description.

Objects that are per game day never wear out from use, but can only be used a limited number of times per game day. These items cast spells but don't require any magic power points from the user to activate. Separate from the cap character's have on power points per game day, there is also a cap of twenty magic power points (spell levels) worth of spells from per game day objects each game day. Per game day items with "unlimited activations" or "unlimited use" still count against this channeling limit unless they specifically state otherwise. Once the charges of one of these objects is expended it is useless for the remainder of the game day.

Related Spells

Heal Body

The heal body spell heals its target of any damage to body points. This includes any damage to extra points of body the character has gained from other spells or effects. Heal body has no effect on wounds and can't heal a character with a torso wound.

Mend Armor

The mend armor spell will repair a damaged suit of armor or shield. When cast on armor it will repair any physical armor points lost from battle, restoring the armor back to its full value. This includes any bonuses the armor may have from being enhanced by magical effects. If cast on a shield that has been destroyed by "acid" damage, mend armor will return the shield to working condition. When cast this way you must role-play repairing the shield.

Mend armor also repairs natural armor points if a character has them.

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