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Alchemy Level:3
Duration:10 minutes or until expended
Flag Required:Weapon
Herbalism Required to Use:Yes
Production Requirements:3 Production Points, 3 Coins, Hermetic Rod, Alchemy Three
Requires a Formula to Create


This is blade poison causes your next legal hit to call "poison curse".

Related Rules

Blade Poisons

A blade poison is a consumable item that is applied to weapons in order to make them more deadly. In order to use a blade poison you must role-play the action of opening the vial and applying the poison to your weapon, then tie a flag to the blade.

Once applied a blade poison will last for 10 minutes or until the weapon has successfully hit an opponent. Some blade poisons require that they can only be applied to goblin iron weapons. These poisons get no special increased duration benefit when applied to such a weapon. All other blade poisons when applied to a goblin iron weapon, last for 20 minutes or until the weapon has successfully made two hits.

Elven steel and silver weapons may never have blade poisons put on them. If a blade poison is applied to one of these weapons it is rendered inert and useless immediately.

Blade poisons, ingested poisons, and thrown poisons all require the herbalist skill to use. If a character attempts to use any of these types of alchemy compounds they fail to use the item successfully and suffer the effects as if the item were used on them.

Poison Calls

When a player is successfully hit by an attack with the "poison" call they are now considered poisoned until the condition is cured.

Poison Attacks Are Not Spells

When the poison call is added to any attack even a spell effect such as pin or stun that attack no longer counts as a spell. This means that immunities to spell or compulsion effects no longer apply. The attack is now a poison effect.

Curse Calls

A curse call causes a character's body to be reduced to a maximum of 1 (curse has no effect if the target has one or zero body) for 10 minutes. If the character already had damage done to their body points they have 0 body remaining with a maximum of 1 body and do not take any sudden wound.

When the curse ends the character regains any body points they didn't have access to because of the curse but any damage taken remains the same.

Changing Weapon Calls

When an effect allows you to call for something different with a weapon than you would normally call, you must choose which call to use when you make your attacks. If the something different only applies to the "next successful hit", and you choose not to use it when you make that hit, the effect is wasted.

For example if a character who deals 2 damage with each melee attack has a sword that deals "Nature" damage and they apply Scorpion's Kiss to that weapon so that it can deal "poison weaken" damage for the next successful hit. When they make that successful hit against an opponent they can choose to call "2 nature" or "poison weaken". They may not call "2 Nature poison weaken". Regardless of the effect they choose, the Scorpion's Kiss will be expended after that successful hit.

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