Tag Bag Props

Tag Bag Props

A tag bag is an out of character prop created by sewing two squares of cloth together and filling them with bird seed. All tag bags should be biodegradable so that in the likely event that some get lost in the woods we don't leave litter everywhere.

Players are required to provide their own tag bags if they are needed.

The size of a finished tag bag should be larger than a golf ball and smaller than a tennis ball. Any color cloth can be used. Tag bags must be pliable and soft enough to not cause injury when thrown. Materials used should be soft, smooth, and not spill birdseed. The ends should be sewn shut or sealed with cloth tape. Tag bags should be kept in good condition. Worn or damaged ones should be retired from play.

Leather, rubber, plastic, tape, foil, staples, pins, plastic ties and plastic tape are all prohibited from being used in a tag bag.

Related Rules

Using Tag Bags

Tag bags are used as a form of attack for spells, items, and occasionally for monster abilities. When a tag bag hits a friendly target it still has its full effect. Tag bags that miss still expend a use of whatever attack was being delivered. Only the first object hit is affected by a tag bag, so if a tag bag bounced off the ground and then hits a target, that target is not affected.

A player can only throw one tag bag at a time unless an ability allows them to throw more than one. When an ability allows a player to throw more than one tag bag, a player that is hit by multiple tag bags at the same time only takes the effect of that attack once no matter how many tag bags hit them.

A player may not carry tag bags in their hands unless they have cast a spell within the last minute that has a range of tag bag. This is meant to ensure that if you see someone holding a tag bag, it is clear they have an active spell (they are "armed" with a magical ball of eldritch energy). Tag bags created by a spell become inert after 1 minute if not thrown.

In order to deliver a spell with a range of tag bag you MUST throw the tag bag, you may not reach out and touch the person with the tag bag.

Spells and some items use tag bags. If a tag bag makes contact with anything worn by a player it counts as hitting that player where ever that item makes contact with the player (so arm for a melee weapon, torso for a cloak). Tag bags never hit too light. Although tag bags should not be aimed at the head if they happen to hit a player's head the player should take the hit to their torso.

If a shield is struck by a tag bag what happens is based on what kind of attack struck the shield. When the tag bag represents a spell or other magical effect you take any effects the tag bag would inflict to the arm holding the shield. When a tag bag deals normal damage with no additional calls it may be fully blocked by a shield preventing that damage with no further effect. A shield may fully block any attack that makes the poison call, preventing any effect to the bearer. When a shield blocks an attack with the acid call it prevents the effect of that attack to the bearer but this has an effect on the shield, which could become destroyed.

The Full Rules

  • Players are required to provide their own beanbags to use when casting magic. Beanbags are constructed of cloth and birdseed so that beanbags lost during play will break down and prevent unneeded liter in the playing area. The size of the completed beanbag should not exceed a tennis ball and should be no smaller than a golf ball.
  • Beanbags must be pliable and soft to prevent injuring other players when they are thrown. The material used to build the beanbag should be soft, smooth, and a have a tight enough weave that the birdseed does not spill out. Players are not permitted to use stiff or non-biodegradable materials like leather, rubber, plastic, tape, or foil.
  • The material used to make the beanbag can be of any color, but light and bright colors are preferred, making them easier to find after being thrown
  • The ends of the beanbag should be sewn, tied shut with string, or closed with cloth tape. Never close the beanbag with staples, pins, plastic ties or plastic tape.
  • Players are expected to keep their beanbags in good condition and old, damaged, or soiled beanbags must be removed from play.

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