Talisman of Warding

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Talisman of Warding
Tinkering Level:5
Crafting Requirement:20 crafting points, 100 coin
Encampment Item:Yes
Brief Description:Prevents spirits from entering a structure. Counters the detect life call.

Tinkering Item: Talisman of Warding

When a talisman of warding protects an encampment spirits may not enter that structure for the remainder of the game day. Living beings inside of an protected encampment do not need to respond to detect life calls.

Prop should be a talisman or ornate object. Must be larger than a tennis ball.

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Detect <Type> Calls

Detect calls, such as "detect life" and "detect undead", are an out-of-game radar used by a spell and some creatures. When you hear someone call "detect <type>" you must answer by yelling that type back if you are part of that group. So "Detect Life" would be responded to with "Life!" (assuming you are a living creature and not currently dead or an unliving NPC). This is an out-of-game interaction, so your character would not be any more aware of whoever called "detect life" than you were before it was called and should role-play accordingly.

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