Totem of Resilience

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Totem of Resilience
Tinkering Level:Master
Crafting Requirement:24 crafting points, 100 coin
Encampment Item:Yes
Brief Description:After 1 minute gain resilience which refreshes.

Tinkering Item: Totem of Resilience

A totem of resilience is a permanent magic encampment item that grants the resilience spell to any party member that spends one minute at the encampment. This resilience spell will automatically refresh every 10 minutes (when the spell's duration would normally end) as long as the character remains at the encampment.

When a character leaves their encampment the resilience will last its normal 10 minute duration for the spell then will wear off as normal. Upon returning to your encampment the effect will start again after 1 minute.

If the resilience is dispelled a character must wait a full 10 minutes at the encampment to gain the effect again.

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For the duration of resilience, all damage taken by the target is treated as blunt damage regardless of the source.

Additionally, you are immune to killing blows and reap spirit.

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