Trap - Level Five

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Trap - Level Five
Tinkering Level:5
Crafting Requirement:20 crafting points, 100 coin
Encampment Item:No
Brief Description:A trap that can contain a level 5 effect

Tinkering Item: Trap - Level Five

A level five trap is a type of single step mechanism trap. The trap is a reusable object that can be loaded with a consumable of level equal to or lower than the traps level, specially prepared by any tinkerer to be placed into a trap. If no effect is loaded into the trap it is an alarm trap.

Prop depends on the trap type. Modern electronics should be hidden to the best of ability and at minimum out of plain sight.

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Traps - Using and Encountering Traps

There are three types of traps in the game: Single step mechanisms, contraptions and "zero-level" traps.

The most common type of trap is a single step mechanism, which is a prop with some kind of tripwire type activator and a noisemaker. A single step mechanism trap can be an alarm trap with no special effect attached, or it can be armed with a harmful effect. When the trap goes off the effect armed inside is immediately consumed like any other consumable but the trap itself may be rearmed later with a new consumable. You may not build beneficial effects into single step mechanisms. Each trap may hold one effect per mechanism. Multiple mechanisms require multiple buzzers each triggered by something different, though the same act could cause multiple triggers to go off, such as opening a single chest causing multiple buttons to press activating multiple alarms. To arm a trap a scroll or alchemical item that can be a trap item must be prepared for use in a trap (by taking the item to logistics to replace with the appropriate trap tag). A trap affects the person who springs it regardless of distance to the trap. Others can choose to voluntarily be hit by negative effects (for roleplaying sake) if they wish but are not required to.

When the noisemaker is triggered it springs the trap's effect, which should be noted somewhere on or inside the trap. Trap effects are automatically assumed to hit the torso for tag bag and touch effects. In the case of ingested alchemicals the trap has the same effects as being ingested.

When a noisemaker goes off players should make a good inspection of the item for trap information before assuming the trap was simply a noisemaker. If the trap is not loaded with a specific effect it is an "alarm trap". Only someone with the tinkerer skill may arm or safely disarm a trap.

When building a single-step mechanism your aesthetic goal here is to be discrete. You can use modern electronics; it would be near impossible to do it otherwise. But, it is optimal to hide these as much as possible.

What your looking for is a piezo buzzer. The Props and Atmosphere Marshal prefers the ones that can run off a single double A. The ones he uses have a Voltage range and can function safely on several battery types. A 9V is as loud as a fire alarm, going down to a single double A keeps it loud enough that it is known/won't be missed, but not "HEY EVERYONE ON SITE! I SET OFF A TRAP!"

Contraptions act as single step mechanism traps with a few exceptions. A contraption is meant to be mobile and are not required to be attached to anything immovable. Contraptions can only carry beneficial alchemical or spell effects.

Zero-Level traps are extremely basic traps that can be "disarmed" (or simply avoided) even if a character does not have the tinkerer skill. Examples of zero-level traps include pit traps or buckets of acid.

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