Vial of Acid

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Vial of Acid
Alchemy Level:3
Flag Required:None
Herbalism Required to Use:No
Production Requirements:3 Production Points, 3 Coins, Hermetic Rod, Alchemy Three

Vial of Acid

This admixture is a caustic agent usually contained within fragile, breakable glass or ceramic bulbs.

This acts like a thrown poison in every way except that it is not a poison effect. The damage call for this item is 4 'acid'.

Related Rules

Thrown Poisons

A thrown poison is a type of consumable alchemical item that represents a small breakable vial being hurled at an enemy. To use a thrown poison the prop to represent the poison must be "at hand", easily reachable. As long as this is the case you may use a tag bag to make the attack described by the item. After this is done make sure you remember to destroy the piece of paper that represents the item, it was used when you "threw" it at your opponent in character.

A shield may fully block any attack that makes the poison call, preventing any effect to the bearer.

Blade poisons, ingested poisons, and thrown poisons all require the herbalist skill to use. If a character attempts to use any of these types of alchemy compounds they fail to use the item successfully and suffer the effects as if the item were used on them.

Acid Calls

Acid damage is a special kind of damage that can destroy shields.

When a shield blocks an attack with the acid call it prevents the effect of that attack to the bearer but this has an effect on the shield, which could become destroyed.

Should a shield block four points of acid damage during an event then that shield is temporarily destroyed. While it is destroyed the bearer automatically takes any damage that is inflicted on the shield, so it immediately should be dropped. In order to repair a destroyed shield, it must be set down, and someone must role-play repairing it while someone casts mend armor on it.

When the acid call is part of an attack, that attack never counts as a spell. This means that an immunity to spell effects does not apply. The attack is an acid effect.

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