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Weapon Props

Props for weapons have certain requirements to be used in play. If a weapon is rejected for not being safe but is found still being used it may be summarily destroyed to ensure an unsafe weapon is not brought onto the field.

Melee weapons props, thrown weapons props, and missile weapons props each have slightly different requirements for being legal for game use.

In addition to a weapon needing to meet standards for safety the appearance of the weapon indicates certain information. The following colors are reserved for and required by special materials:

  • Elven steel weapons must be covered with black paint then decorated with natural looking thin white veins.

  • Nature weapons must have the blade or any striking surface covered with red paint.

  • Primal weapons must be covered with red paint and decorated with lightning-like lines of black crisscrossing the surface.

  • Weapons made of more than one exceptional material must conform to all color requirements, usually this is done by coloring each cutting edge of a sword as a different material.

While not a special material one last item deserves note. A master's blade must have an above average looking prop to represent it.

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Melee Weapon Props

These are the requirements to bring a melee weapon prop into the game.

All striking surfaces should have a minimum of 5/8 inch of closed-cell foam.

All non-handle surfaces of a weapon should have a minimum of 3/8 inch of closed-cell foam.

All melee weapon props must have a rigid core. Cores of wood or metal are forbidden. Acceptable core materials include but are not limited to: plastic, PVC, fiberglass, and carbon fiber. The core of the weapons should be securely held within the padding by glue, tape, or some other adhesive. Padding that slides or twists on the weapons core will be rejected. Cores that rattle or bounce within the padding will be rejected.

All pommels, crossguards, quillions, basket hilts, and other hilt fittings (not to include the grip iteself) must be composed of a flexible material.

The minimum length for any melee weapon is 16 inches. Non-handle pommels do not count towards the overall length measurement of a weapon.

Weapons that flex more than 45 degrees will be rejected.

No swung weapon may have more than 1/3 of its length unpadded for striking. The total unpadded section of a swung weapon may not be more than 30 unpadded inches total.

Illegal weapons include but are not limited to: flails, punch daggers, slings, ball & chain weapons, and blowguns. Any weapon with a flexible component or which strikes primarily with a punching motion of the arm rather than a swinging motion is forbidden.

Thrown Weapon Props

Thrown weapons must be completely padded including the hilt and rip. Each thrown weapon must look like a weapon, either knives, axes, or some other historical or fantasy weapon. No "throwing" rocks, disks, or paddles are allowed. Thrown weapons may have a core but are not required to. The core of a thrown weapon within an inch of a tip or end of the weapon. Cored throwing weapons may also be used in melee. Coreless throwing weapons may not be used in melee.

A standard throwing weapon is one greater than 6 and less than or equal to 30 inches. A standard sized throwing weapon must weigh no more than 6 ounces.

A javelin is a throwing weapon greater than 30 and less than or equal to 45 inches. A javelin must weigh no more than 12 ounces.

A great javelin is a throwing weapon greater than 45 inches and less than or equal to 84 inches. A great javelin must weigh no more than 24 ounces.

For all varieties of javelin both ends must be at least 2 inches in diameter. Players are encouraged to incorporate some open-cell foam into the ends of their javelin designs.

Missile Weapon Props

Bows must have a draw weight of 35 pounds or less at 28 inches draw.

Crossbow draw weight should comply with this table.

Compound bows, PVC bows, takedown bows, brightly colored fiberglass bows, modern crossbows, or any other obviously modern archery equipment (including but not limited to peep sights, weights, camouflage or brightly colored shafting) are prohibited.

Brightly colored and/ or rubber fletching is allowed. Brightly colored plastic nocks will not disqualify arrows.

Each bow entering play must have at least 3 legal, arrows accompanying it.

A draw stop must be present on all arrows to ensure they are not drawn past 28 inches.

The head of an arrow must be at least 2 inches in every dimension and must be a uniform, round shape. The head of an arrow or bolt must not be wobbly or move from side to side.

All arrows must contain a coin or similar small rigid disk perpendicular to the end of the shaft to prevent shaft punch-through. Commercially made rubber bird blunts also fulfill this requirement. Golf tube arrows are not permitted.

All arrows and bolts must have at least two full fletchings and a nock.

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