Yebbing Powder

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Yebbing Powder
Alchemy Level:4
Duration:10 Minutes
Flag Required:Person
Herbalism Required to Use:No
Production Requirements:4 Production Points, 4 Coin, Thaumaturgist's Mortar, Alchemy Four
Requires a Formula to Create

Yebbing Powder

Creates a temporary pit trap. You'll need an appropriate prop to represent this.

Related Rules

Pit Traps

Pit traps are represented in game by tarps on the ground. If a player touches the tarp in any way their character is considered to have "fallen" into the pit.

By default the effect of falling into a pit is two automatic leg wounds. When an effect causes an "automatic wound", ignore any armor (of any kind) or body the character may have. An appropriate immunity effect can still prevent an automatic wound.

If a pit has other effects a NPC will be around to inform players of what those effects are. Once a character has fallen into a pit they are stuck in it until another character assists them in getting out through role-playing.

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