Welcome to the Kingdom of Novitas Wiki.

Welcome to the Kingdoms of Novitas Wiki

This is a reference of as current as possible information for the Kingdoms of Novitas Larp held at Camp Kingsley in Ava, NY.

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2018 Event Dates at Camp Kingsley

  • November 9-11
  • December 7-9

2019 Event Dates at Camp Kingsley

  • Jan. 4,5 and 6th
  • Feb. 1,2 and 3rd - Founder's Feast!
  • March 8,9,10th
  • April 5,6 and 7th
  • May 3,4 and 5th
  • June 7,8 and 9th
  • Aug. 2,3 and 4th
    • August 23-25 there will be a Tunnel Crawl event!
  • Sept. 6,7 and 8th
  • Oct. 11,12, 13th - Harvest Festival!
  • Nov. 1,2 and 3rd
  • Dec. 6,7 and 8th

2019 Julybilee

  • More info to come!

Most Recent Rules Updates

Summaries of updates can be found on these pages:

Reporting Errors and Typos

If you find typos or errors please report them to Ryan Green via the forum, facebook, email or even in person. The page you found it on helps tremendously. Most section headings are links that will take you back to the page the actual original information is on.

A Note About Transclusion

Something special about this wiki, different from the past wiki, is that when you see the same paragraph in two different places it isn't copied and pasted. It's actually just in one place, but one page pulls the information from another page and spits it out. So for example the 'Learn to Play' page on the sidebar doesn't actually have much text in it at all. Just the introduction that explains what follows. Everything else is stolen from other pages directly. Change the other page, and the 'learn to play' page changes too. This means if you see the exact same mistake twice (as in the whole sentence is exactly the same), it only actually happened once and it only needs to be reported once.

What's Next

Setting Information

This section now exists. It needs some work, including basic wiki-tizing to link the information together. I copied it directly from the old wiki and worldbook. ~Ryan

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