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Adventuring Groups

Creating encounters that are just the right amount of difficulty is an important part of the job game masters do. In order to make this very challenging job a little bit easier to handle, players sometimes need to organize themselves into adventuring groups or parties.

An adventuring group does not need to have a fixed roster of people, it can be anyone who happens to be standing around the inn at a given moment. What matters is that if a group goes off in search of adventure or to answer the quest of an npc they are limited to 6 players. This restriction ensures that game masters always have a rough of idea of how challenging a plot will be.

Items that affect a "party" work on the items owner +5 people designated regardless of how many people are in the adventuring group.

In order to help new players interact with adventuring groups, a group may bring one additional character that is under level 20, plus a further character under level 20 for each full 100 levels any player among the first 6 players in the group has.

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