Armor (aka Physical Armor) Points

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Armor (aka Physical Armor) Points

When a player wears armor as part of their garb their character gets to enjoy the benefit of gaining points of "armor". Armor points are sometimes also called "physical armor points" in order to differentiate them from magic armor or natural armor.

Points of physical armor only benefit you in places the armor covers. If an opponent hits a part of your body that is not covered by the armor you are wearing, you may not apply the damage to your armor points.

Should your character take damage, physical armor soaks that damage. Attacks with the "Pierce" combat call, ignore any physical armor you might have (as well as any other armor such as magic armor or natural armor).

Monstrous armor points are gained from specific types of worn armor. These points takes damage just like ordinary armor points do but reduce any damage dealt to them without the "Slay" call to one. Only the physical armor points benefit from this damage reduction, damage dealt to magic armor and body are not reduced.

Physical armor has a cap of 4 points.

Wearing a helmet allows a character to break the physical armor cap and have 5 points of physical armor.

Detailed Interactions

Repairing Armor

Physical armor is repaired with effects such as the one from the mend armor spell.

Physical ArmorFour Points

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