Character Backgrounds and Concepts

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Character Backgrounds and Concepts

Character names should only be serious names, never silly or insulting, and never taken from pop culture, history, literature or the name of another established Kingdoms of Novitas character. Staff have the authority to require you to change your character's name if they deem it unfit.

A good character background should be more than 500 words long and should contain many "hooks" that can be used to give the game masters ideas to write interesting stories for you to experience in play. Submitting a background at least 2 weeks prior to the first event you wish to play a character at (and before the character has earned level 2) will earn you 5 experience points.

To submit a background email it to The following information must be part of the submission at the start of your email:

  • Character Name
  • Player Name
  • Forum Name
  • PC Race
  • PC Nation of Origin.

Players are responsible for having a reason for their character to be in Maplewood, the current setting of the game. It is hard to play a character who doesn't want to be part of the setting of the game, and this can be disruptive to the game.

New characters cannot be part of any social organization. Exceptions might be made on a case-by-case basis such as if a character has an appropriate role-playing skill. Keep in mind most titles are also associated with those same skills and can't be used without the appropriate skill. Players are allowed to attempt to create their own organizations if they wish by trying to establish those organizations in game through role-playing.

You are allowed to create your own hometown or village within one of the existing nations of the Kingdoms of Novitas, but you are not allowed to create new nations.

Characters should never have a burning hatred of another player character race.

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