Character Death and Retirement

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Character Death and Retirement

A torso wound will knock a character unconscious. Once unconscious they will "bleed out" in 10 minutes. Characters with the first aid skill can increase the time it takes to "bleed out" by an additional 10 minutes with appropriate role-playing. If the bleeding isn't stopped in time the character will die. When a character is bleeding out an enemy can also deliver a killing blow to hasten the process. In this game, death is not the end of a character though. A dead character can still be revived which will return them fully to life.

A character is considered permanently dead only under specific circumstances. Some monsters can cause permanent death. A ritual exists that can cause permanent death to a dead character. Lastly if a character is killed in combat and they are not revived before two convergences pass that character will be permanently dead. Remember the Saturday morning of an event at 6am there is a convergence. Between events there is also a single convergence and characters can permanently die during that convergence while out-of-game. In the event that your character dies after midnight during the fourth shift and is not revived be sure to talk to a game master about what could happen to your character.

Each player is allowed a single "newbie death". This can be used only during the first event that a player character has been brought into play. The game masters will come up with some forced plot element that will allow you to continue playing the same character. Otherwise that character's death will be permanent.

Players are allowed to voluntarily retire their a character if they wish. This is similar to character death but the character becomes an NPC solely under the control of the game masters who could be brought in as they desire for stories. You can no longer ever choose to play a retired character.

When a character leaves play it is the players responsibility to turn in any props they possess that are the property of the game to logistics.

After death or character retirement half of that character's levels may be passed on to a new character or on to an existing alt of the player.

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