Character Sheets

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Character Sheets

Each character must have its own character sheet. At the first event that you play a character you will get two blank character sheets when you check-in. If you have earned any experience points this is when you can apply them to that character if you wish to. Fill out the sheet, choosing any skills you wish to purchase with your available skill points. One copy will be turned back in to logistics to be put in the archives for safe keeping. The other copy you must keep on you at all times when you are playing that character.

If you wish to see what the sheet looks like, the most current character sheet can be found here:

The Full Rules

  • Every player is required to carry a character sheet, which holds the details of your character. Blank character sheets can be found in the Player's Corner
  • Game Masters acting in their official capacity may demand that any player present their character sheet
  • Players who cannot produce their character sheets upon demand of a Game Master may be removed from play.
  • Character sheets are invalid unless proofed and signed by Logistics.

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