Checking In to an Event

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Checking In to an Event

Logistics personnel keep a record of a great deal of information that takes place at every event. At the start of the event it is each player's responsibility to head to the check-in table, which is typically at the front of the logistics building. Here you will pay the event entry-fee which is $30, and they will take your name to indicate you are present.

On a white board behind the table you will indicate which shifts you intend on PCing with a quick tally mark. Players are expected to NPC at least half of the shifts they play during the weekend (typically that means 2 if you play all 4 shifts).

If you have a player character any experience you have earned since the last event you played will be applied to your character sheet. Should this cause you to gain levels you may spend any skill points earned at this time on purchasing new skills.

An archive of player characters is kept there by the logistics staff so that if you lose your existing character sheet you have a back up. It is worth your time to update your archived sheet every time you check-in but you are not required to do so. Keep in mind that if you lose your current sheet you will forced to make a copy from the archived sheet and any experience you have earned in the mean time may be gone. So seriously, back up your sheet regularly.

After you have done these things if you have any production skills and filled out a preproduction request in the forums before the event your next stop is the logistics person at the main desks in the logistics building. Here you'll pay any in-game costs on what you are producing and pick up anything made for you. Remember that you are responsible for any props needed, you are only picking up the paperwork to make those props officially part of the game.

At this point you are now successfully checked in.

During the shifts that you signed up to NPC be sure to once more check-in with the logistics personnel at the main desk to let them know you are there for the shift, and then one more time at the end of the shift to let them know you stayed the entire shift (and so they know they don't have to go searching the woods for you because no one saw you come back).

The first time a player signs-in with a new character they receive one coin for each level that character has and do not have to pay any coin costs to use production points or crafting points.

If a player is NPCing all 4 shifts, they may still select one character to use production points and crafting points.

Related Rules

Earning Experience Points at Sign-In

A player will earn three experience points for each event they attend and an additional one experience point for each of the first two shifts they NPC. If you choose to NPC additional shifts you will get 2 experience points for each additional shift you choose to NPC beyond the first two. Each player may also turn in 10 coin in order to gain 1 additional experience point once during each sign-in.

Archiving Characters

The archive is where logistics staff members keep copies of the character sheet of every character in the game. If you lose your character sheet this is where you will go to get a new copy. Keep in mind that if you lose your character sheet any experience earned between the last time you archived a copy of your sheet and the present could be lost. It is recommended that you archive your character sheet every event at check-in.

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