Chosen Roleplaying Skill

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Chosen Roleplaying Skill

A character who becomes one of the chosen has earned the favor of a deity or deities. Not every character who is religious is chosen and not every chosen is religious (though those that are not religious must still make sure they don't upset their benefactors).

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Roleplaying Skills

Each role-playing skill has five ranks and each rank costs 4 skill points. Every rank of a role-playing skill requires GM approval to obtain.

A character can at most have 2 types of role-playing skills, and the second skill selected can only reach up to the 2nd rank.

Chosen Roleplaying Skill
Skill Name Skill Point Cost Prerequisite(s) Brief Description

Chosen Level One 4 Game Master Approval Title. Create a semi-permanent shrine.

Chosen Level Two 4 Game Master Approval, Chosen One Pray at shrine 1/ gd to affect many with a single spell casting.

Chosen Level Three 4 Game Master Approval, Chosen Two Gain strength, toughness, or protection against one enemy 1/ gd.

Chosen Level Four 4 Game Master Approval, Chosen Three Cast an improved spell, gain bonus magic power 1/ gd

Chosen Level Five 4 Game Master Approval, Chosen Four Allows the character to mark a target with the 'Smite' ability.

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