Combat Skills

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Combat Skills

These are the skills in the game that directly related to fighting in combat. This group of skills includes permanently gaining points of body, learning to use shields and fighting with different styles of weapons.

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Weapon Master Title

A character who has learned all 20 of the combat skills earns the title of "weapon master".

Twice per game day a weapon master may execute a "master's strike". This lets the weapon master add either the "slay" or the "pierce" call to a weapon attack. Furthermore that attack allows the character to hit for the appropriate amount of damage with a cap of up to 4 damage if they would normally be capped at a lower amount of damage.

Combat Skills
Skill Name Skill Point Cost Prerequisite(s) Brief Description

Body One 1 None Have 1 body point total

Body Two 2 Body One Have 2 body points total

Body Three 3 Body Two Have 3 body points total

Body Four 4 Body Three Have 4 body points total.

Buckler Fighting 1 None Use a buckler

Shield Fighting 1 Buckler Fighting Use a shield

Melee Use 0 None Use non-martial weapons (under 35 inches long). Deal 1 damage in melee.

Melee Training 2 None Use martial weapons (35 - 45 inches long).

Great Weapon Training 2 Melee Training Use of great weapons (over 45 inches long)

Two Weapon Fighting 2 Melee Training Dual wield two non-martial weapons.

Two Weapon Expert 3 Two Weapon Fighting Dual wield one martial and one non-martial weapon.

Two Weapon Master 4 Two Weapon Expert Dual wield two martial weapons.

Melee Proficiency 3 Melee Training Deal 2 damage with melee weapons

Melee Expert 4 Melee Proficiency Deal 3 damage with melee weapons.

Melee Master 5 Melee Expert Deal 4 damage with melee weapons.

Missile Training 2 None Use missile weapons. Missile weapons deal 1 damage.

Missile Proficiency 2 Missile Training Missile weapons deal 2 damage or '1 pierce'.

Missile Expert 2 Missile Proficiency Missile weapons deal 3 damage or '1 pierce'.

Missile Master 2 Missile Expert Missile weapons deal 4 damage or '2 pierce'.

Thrown Weapon Training 2 None Use standard thrown weapons. Deal 1 damage with thrown weapons.

Thrown Weapon Master 3 Thrown Weapon Training Deal 2 damage with thrown weapons. Possibly use larger thrown weapons.

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