Curse Calls

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Curse Calls

A curse call causes a character's body to be reduced to a maximum of 1 (curse has no effect if the target has one or zero body) for 10 minutes. If the character already had damage done to their body points they have 0 body remaining with a maximum of 1 body and do not take any sudden wound.

When the curse ends the character regains any body points they didn't have access to because of the curse but any damage taken remains the same.

The curse call never inflicts damage.

Unless modified by another call (such as poison) curse is a necromancy spell effect.

Detailed Interactions

If a character has both the diseased condition and has been affected by a curse effect they have an effective body of 0. The order these two effects are applied does not matter. Curse sets the characters body to 1, and being diseased reduces their body from 1 to 0.

Related Rules

Poison Attacks Are Not Spells

When the poison call is added to any attack even a spell effect such as pin or stun that attack no longer counts as a spell. This means that immunities to spell or compulsion effects no longer apply. The attack is now a poison effect.

Source of Call Description Call

Curse Inflicts the curse condition, reducing body to 1 'Curse'

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