Diseased Condition

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Diseased Condition

A diseased character is not allowed to run, they are too ill to move quickly. Furthermore while diseased the character has -1 to their total body and -1 to any weapon damage.

The diseased condition is challenging to remove, there are no spells that accomplish this goal. Instead alchemical items must be used such as a Theriac, a Catholicon or a Rejuvination Elixir.

Related Rules

Disease Calls

When a player loses body or takes a wound from any attack with the "disease" call they gain the diseased condition.

Detailed Interactions

The Diseased Condition and the Curse Effect

If a character has both the diseased condition and has been affected by a curse effect they have an effective body of 0. The order these two effects are applied does not matter. Curse sets the characters body to 1, and being diseased reduces their body from 1 to 0.

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