Druid Roleplaying Skill

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Druid Roleplaying Skill

Druids are the caretakers and defenders of the natural world. They do what they feel is appropriate or necessary to maintain the health of the world itself.

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Roleplaying Skills

Each role-playing skill has five ranks and each rank costs 4 skill points. Every rank of a role-playing skill requires GM approval to obtain.

New characters may be able to take role-playing skills only if they first meet certain criteria. The player needs to have demonstrated that they understand what the role-playing skill represents and can role-play it accordingly. This often means that players will need to attend enough games first so that they have a chance to interact with different gamemasters as various NPC's. The player will also need an appropriate character background that must be approved by the gamemasters. A starting character can not begin with more than one rank of a role-playing skill when they are first created.

A character can at most have 2 different role-playing skills, and only one role-playing skill can be increased above 2.

Biannually the plot and continuity staff will announce a period of application for increases in role-playing skills. These will be approximately every 6 months but windows may be shorter or longer based on circumstances. During each application period a character who gets approval can increase at most one role-playing skill (0 to 1 counts as an increase). Approval is based on several factors, with higher skill ranks being judged more strictly. Criteria for approval can include and isn't limited to: actions during games, story arcs created by lore requests, dedication to a relevant group/ organization/ behavior, time since last increase, number of events attended since last increase (have you had opportunity to take or not take relevant actions), how representative of the skill the character presents as (do others think of you when they think of that skill?).

Upon reaching rank 4 in a role-playing skill, a special plot will be created and sent out that will test a character's connection to the skill and might later become the character's capstone story. Before reaching rank 5 in a role-playing skill a character must first complete a special trial storyline known as a capstone. During application periods characters can be approved for rank 5 pending the capstone, which means once the gamemasters have concluded that your character has succeeded in their capstone you will be allowed to purchase rank 5 between application periods.

In the event that for any reason it becomes inappropriate for a character to have a role-playing skill that they possess the gamemasters may meet to discuss further action, possibly including reducing rank in that role-playing skill. When this occurs no skill points will be refunded with the loss of rank. It is possible to discuss with the Plot and Continuity marshal in advance undergoing a story that is contrary to a role-playing skill, intentionally "disabling" it so that you receive no benefits, then later when your character returns to it undergoing a redemptive story to "return" to it. This should be done in advance of the act that "disables" the skill.

Druid Roleplaying Skill
Skill Name Skill Point Cost Prerequisite(s) Brief Description

Druid Level One 4 Game Master Approval Title. Special druid communication.

Druid Level Two 4 Game Master Approval, Druid One Cast charm nature 1/ gd

Druid Level Three 4 Game Master Approval, Druid Two Choose from several spell like abilities.

Druid Level Four 4 Game Master Approval, Druid Three Can swing for Primal damage 1/ gd

Druid Level Five 4 Game Master Approval, Druid Four Create and gain a custom aspect of nature.

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