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All spells have a duration they will last. When the duration runs out the effect is over. Each spell's description will indicate how long that spell lasts. Spells last their full duration unless the effect is dispelled first. A caster can voluntarily dispel a spell they have cast at any time by touching the spell's target. If the target is conscious and unwilling to have the effect dispelled then they may not be dispelled this way. If the caster of a spell dies, spells they have cast continue functioning as normal. A spell that is dispelled ends immediately as if its duration ran out.

Items that duplicate spells, such as scrolls and potions make the user count as the person casting the spell for the purposes of voluntarily dispelling an effect.

Items such as those created with alchemy last the duration listed and can't be voluntarily dispelled, but can be removed with items such as dilution solution.

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