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Experience Points

Experience points are generally earned by performing activities that enhance the game. One of the primary ways to earn them is from your mandatory NPC shifts during each event. Assisting with setting up and break down, performing extra NPC shifts, writing post-event letters (PELs) are some examples of other activities that can earn you more experience.

A player will earn three experience points for each event they attend and an additional one experience point for each of the first two shifts they NPC. If you choose to NPC additional shifts you will get 2 experience points for each additional shift you choose to NPC beyond the first two. Each player may also turn in 10 coin in order to gain 1 additional experience point once during each sign-in.

The logistics staff tracks the unassigned experience you have earned, then when you check-in that experience is put on your character sheet and removed from the system. This is why it is important that you archive your character sheet often. In the event that you have more than one character you may choose which character will receive any experience you earn.

Experience points determine character level, which in turn determines how many skill points you have to purchase new skills. New characters begin at level one with zero experience points.

Each level up to level 10 requires five experience points. After level 10 each level requires an additional ten experience points.

Experience points are earned by individual players, and can't be gifted by that player to other players.

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Skill Points

Skill points are earned whenever a character gains a level. These points can be spent immediately to purchase skills or saved for later. Each skill lists how many skill points it costs to learn.

Characters should have a total number of skill points equal to their: (Character Level x 2) + 4

Character LevelTotal XP Gained
12+65 (+10 per level)

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