Game Hold Calls

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Game Hold Calls

A game hold is a special call reserved for situations where the real world could potentially endanger someone's safety. During a "game hold" the game effectively stops, no in-game actions of any kind can take place. This includes (and is not limited to) combat, conversation, using items or magic, travelling, etc.

The word "hold" should be avoided in normal conversation to ensure that the call "game hold" is something that players react to instantly and correctly.

When you hear someone yell "game hold" or "hold" you should loudly repeat it to ensure that others around you also hear it. Immediately stop what you are doing and if possible hold still. Once this has happened identify why the hold was called so you can determine if you are able to help (or if help is necessary).

Game holds should be called by the person who needs the hold unless that person is clearly incapable of doing so. Real world injury, broken glass that is about to be stepped on, other real world danger, or someone about to run into an actual spiked pit trap are all good reason to call "game hold".

It is important that you don't make this call without good reason so that it stays reserved for dangerous or serious situations. Bad reasons to call a "game hold" include when you fall but are not injured, you drop your weapon, you don’t agree with a rules matter, combat is going badly for you, or when there is no immediate danger to anyone.

After the situation that warranted the "game hold" is cleared up, everyone should return as close as possible to where they were when it was called, and then as a group call "game on". Everyone can then return to normal game play.

Related Rules

Safety and Physical Contact

Safety is a paramount concern at Kingdoms of Novitas. Concerns about safety take priority over all other situations. Any player ignoring the safety rules will be dealt with more harshly than violation of other rules whether that violation is intentional or not.

All gear that will be used in combat must be inspected by a safety marshal before it can be brought into the game.

Real world weapons have no place at Kingdoms of Novitas. If you wish to carry a utility knife for camping purposes you MUST have it approved by Dave Haldenwang or John Spencer.

Physical contact is a very important subject that should be taken very seriously for the safety and comfort of all players. There is no physical contact allowed in combat ever. Contact with boffer weapons is different than physical contact for these purposes.

Other than weapon contact in combat situations, physical contact is permitted only when both players consent. Any rule that involves two players interacting where physical contact might get involved can be summarized by that last sentence.

Game Holds and Game Status

In-game refers to people, objects, or places that can be interacted with in the game. That is to say things that are meant to be part of the game's world and setting. A player that is "in-character" can be interacted with as part of the game.

Out-of-game refers to anything that exists outside of the game, cars, real world conversations, your sleeping bag, etc. A player who is out-of-character is not at that moment a player character who can be interacted with and should be ignored by players who are in-character. At the end of an event, or during the overnight period between the end of one shift and the start of another, everyone and everything is out-of-game

As a player you can go out-of-game, with your possessions at any time as long as you are not doing it for a tactical advantage. So for example if you need to use the restroom that is fine. If you are overheating severely due to heavy armor, need to breath for a moment: you both can and should find somewhere quiet you can drink and recharge. Just don't do it in the middle of a combat situation (unless you feel its a medical emergency situation in which case you should call a "game hold" so you can take appropriate steps to alleviate the medical emergency).

Source of Call Description Call

Game Hold Everyone stops what they are doing immediately and repeats the call 'Game Hold' or 'Hold'

Game On Used after a game hold or time stop to indicate a return to normal play '3, 2, 1, Game On'

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