General and Knowledge Skills

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General and Knowledge Skills

Skills in the general and knowledge grouping are anything related to information your character knows, and oddities that don't quite fit anywhere else.

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Savant Title

A character who has learned all of the following skills earns the title of "savant".

Savants may produce a copy of any alchemical item, potion, or scroll in their possession as if they knew/ possessed the requirements (such as formulas or the spell) to make it. All other normal production rules (such as costs) still apply.

Savants also gain an additional 5 points of production which break cap.

General and Knowledge Skills
Skill Name Skill Point Cost Prerequisite(s) Brief Description

Estimate Value 2 None Know monetary value of non-magical treasure

Identify Magic 2 None Know the function of magical treasure

First Aid 1 None Basic medical skills

Herbalist 2 None Safely handle and use poisons

Lore Skill 2 Lore Ask a setting question of the GMs between games

Advanced Lore 3 Lore Ask an additional question of GMs between games, for a total of 2

Racial Language 1 None Speak and be literate in one racial language, may be taken multiple times.

Read Magic 2 None Use magic scrolls

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