Goblin Iron Weapons

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Goblin Iron Weapons

Items made out of goblin iron are inherently poisonous. When attacking with a weapon made of Goblin Iron the weapon deals "poison" damage. A goblin iron melee weapon may also make "blunt poison" attacks. You must always use the "poison" call with your attacks unless an attack replaces the entire call such as a "strike" call made from a mageblade attack. Specifically this means you can't choose to make a normal attack with a goblin iron weapon.

Some blade poisons require that they can only be applied to goblin iron weapons. These poisons get no special increased duration benefit when applied to such a weapon. All other blade poisons when applied to a goblin iron weapon, last for 20 minutes or until the weapon has successfully made two hits.

Goblin iron weapons must be covered with green paint. If a player is using a weapon they have not yet identified but they recognize it as being made of a special material because of the weapon's color that player should make the corresponding call when attacking with that weapon.

Goblin iron can never be included in the construction of a weapon with elven steel or silver.

Related Rules

Poison Calls

When a player is successfully hit by an attack with the "poison" call they are now considered poisoned until the condition is cured. Typically the poisoned condition is removed by the spell Purify Spirit or an item such as a Theriac or a Catholicon. A character who has the poisoned condition cannot have wounds or their body points healed until the poisoned condition is removed.

When the poison call is added to any attack even a spell effect such as pin or stun that attack no longer counts as a spell. This means that immunities to spell or compulsion effects no longer apply. The attack is now a poison effect.

A shield may fully block any attack that makes the poison call, preventing any effect to the bearer.

Detailed Interactions

Blunt Damage and Poison Damage

Should a character take "blunt poison" damage, the poison condition will wear off in 10 minutes. A character with the first aid skill can remove the poison condition in this circumstance (and only this circumstance). "Blunt disease" damage works the exact same way including removing the diseased condition with first aid in this situation (and only this situation).

Source of Call Description Call

Goblin Iron Deals poison damage. 'Poison'

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