Great Weapon Rules

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Great Weapon Rules

A great weapon is any melee weapon over 45 inches in length.

Great weapons must be generally wielded with both hands. There are only two times that you are allowed to wield a great weapon with one hand; When making a straight thrust after which the weapon must immediately return to being carried with both hands. Or when blocking an attack with the weapon.

The damage a character deals with any melee weapon starts at 1. This can be increased by skills, consumables, spells and other similar effects that increase melee weapon damage. Melee weapons have a natural limit on how much damage they can deal.

When wielded by themselves melee weapons have a cap of 4 damage

The wielder of a great weapon is able to halve their melee damage (rounded down) in order to add the slay call to an attack. If the wielder is capable of overcoming the natural limit on melee weapon damage this ability continues to scale always dealing half rounded down "slay" damage.

A great weapon requires the appropriate skill to wield. It may never be wielded with a second weapon. With the correct skill a great weapon can be wielded with a passive buckler.

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Slay Calls

Monstrous creatures only take, at most, one point of damage from any attack without the "slay" call.

Monstrous armor points are gained from specific types of worn armor. These points takes damage just like ordinary armor points do but reduce any damage dealt to them without the "Slay" call to one. Only the physical armor points benefit from this damage reduction, damage dealt to magic armor and body are not reduced.

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