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Innkeepers are volunteer staff who work the inn instead of npcing in order to serve food. They are paid a small fee in coins for what they do and collect tips from the tip jar at the inn. Sometimes innkeepers bring additional food with them, paid for by their own real world money, to serve beyond what the game provides. When this happens they are allowed to set an appropriate price for these food stuffs, and they earn XP for the food being donated. If you wish to sell food for coin, you should do so as your player character, not as an innkeeper. Inn keepers are always NPC's.

Being an innkeeper can be stressful, you should be nice to them.

If you are interested in becoming an innkeeper speak to Ryan Green. You should also be sure to read the innkeeper guidelines here.

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The Inn

In-game there is an inn where players can go in character to acquire real food and drink. Player characters must pay for any food they purchase themselves using in-game coin. The game by design is set up so that you should have no problem earning enough coin for food during play. Players are expected to bring their own setting appropriate bowl and mug, but sometimes bowls and mugs are available for rental for an additional in-game fee.

When a player is npcing they are able to get fed without need for any coin. This isn't a license to eat everything in sight, but rather to simplify things so that npcs don't have to get money from out-of-game and then spend it at the inn where it will return to the exact same pool it started from. Simply notify the innkeepers that you are npc by quietly mentioning it if they don't already know.

The food served by the inn is meant to allow players to eat while staying in-character and to keep the game rolling. While every effort is made to make sure everyone gets fed there is never a guarantee that anyone will get any food. Ultimately you are responsible for making sure you get sufficient food for the weekend and should plan accordingly.

Be sure to keep in mind that the inn is run by volunteers who often get there right at the start of a shift. Sometimes the food takes time to prepare, your patience is greatly appreciated. Food is generally divided by shift to make sure that there is food left by the time shift four happens. So if the innkeeper on shift one tells you that there are no more hot dogs (and you know for sure there are more) what they are saying is that all the ones allocated for shift one have been used and the rest are being reserved for future shifts.

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