Creature Intelligence

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Creature Intelligence

Each creature has been assigned an intelligence. This is the measure of a creature’s reasoning capacity. NPC's should use this information to guide how they role-play a creature.

Controlled actions: The creature has no actual thoughts of its own. It is a mindless puppet that follows preset commands. This does not mean it moves slowly though, on the contrary – many constructs are fast and dangerous.

Animal: This categorizes creatures which lack any higher reasoning, but are self-controlled. They operate on instinct and will to survive only. They are not able to be reasoned with.

Slow: A creature possessing some reasoning capability, but is limited in what it is able to grasp. It may take a long time for a concept to sink in, or it may not happen at all. These creatures are capable of simple strategies.

Primitive: Creatures in this category aren’t unintelligent - they just lack knowledge. They may be able to adapt and learn, but their experience is limited.

Normal: Creatures in this category are capable of normal thoughts and reasoning. They are only limited by the reasoning and strategy of the person playing them.

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