Limits (Caps) to Character Stats

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Limits (Caps) to Character Stats

Each character has a natural maximum limit on certain stats generally referred to as a "cap" that can only ever be exceeded by rare effects which explicitly allow a character to break that cap. Rules and abilities that exceed a cap are said to "break cap" or say a character can go past a certain limit. Non-player characters follow these same rules when they are from the playable PC races but may be exempt from these limits if they are other races or creature types.

Weapon damage, body, magic power points, production points, crafting points, physical armor, and magical armor are all affected by these caps. There is also a limit on using spells imbued in magic objects.

The Limits

Caps on Character Stats
StatLimits (Caps) to Character Stats
Single Melee Weapon, No Off-hand Weapon or ShieldFour Damage
One Melee Weapon in Each HandTwo Damage
One Melee Weapon and One ShieldTwo Damage
Missile WeaponsFour Damage
Thrown WeaponsTwo Damage
Physical ArmorFour Points
Magic ArmorFour Points
BodyFour Points
Magic Power PointsTwenty Points
Craft PointsTwenty Points
Production PointsTwenty Points

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