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Magic Armor Stat

A character can gain magic armor from spells like Magic Armor, magic items, and or other unusual abilities. Unlike physical armor, magic armor covers the entire body and applies no matter where a hit lands. Characters benefiting from magic armor must wear a visible blue flag on their person.

Magic armor can only ever come from a single source, if you are affected by multiple instances of magic armor only the greatest number applies.

Magic armor has a cap of 4 points.

Related Rules

Pierce Calls

Damage with the "Pierce" call ignores any physical armor, magical armor, or natural armor the target might have. This means that damage not prevented by an immunity or a prevention effect is applied to the targets body first and as a limb or torso wound if they run out of body.

Taking Damage

When an opponent's damage dealing attack successfully connects with a legal hit location you need to figure what effect it will have.

The first thing you do when you take damage (or are hit by a spell call) is check to see if you have any immunity effects. So if you are hit for "4 Poison" and you have the spell Poison Immunity up, it will prevent that damage and you will not proceed any further in taking damage. An ability such as a damage requirement would also be checked at this time. A "No Effect" call must be made whenever an attack successfully hits you but does not inflict damage (or does not take effect in the case of spells) so that the attacker knows-that-you-know the attack successfully hit and so that they know they may need to attack with something different.

After you have checked for immunity effects you check to see if you have any limited use prevention effects. These are often called "one time" effects because they generally only work once. One example of such an effect is from the spell spirit shield. Remember to call ''No Effect" if the damage is prevented outright by an effect.

After prevention effects, apply any effects that change the amount of damage taken. Namely the monstrous rule.

At this point damage is going to be dealt in some form. Characters have four possible pools that damage might be applied to before the character takes a wound. Those pools are magic armor, physical armor, natural armor, and body. Damage is always applied to magic armor first, physical armor second, natural armor third, body fourth and finally as a wound last. If the damage has the "Pierce" trait it cannot be applied to any type of armor.

Applying damage to a pool is done on a one-for-one basis. For example if an attack deals 4 damage and have 2 magic armor, 1 physical armor and 3 body, after the damage is dealt you will now have 0 magic armor, 0 physical armor, and 2 body remaining.

Finally if you no longer have any magic armor, physical armor, natural armor or body left damage is applied as a wound to the location hit: Right Leg, Left Leg, Right Arm, Left Arm or Torso.

Keep in mind that a single hit can only ever cause one wound. If you are hit in the arm for 2 damage, you only take an arm wound, not an arm wound AND a torso wound.

If at any time you don't know how much damage you have taken, err on the side of the attacker by taking an immediate torso wound.

Detailed Interactions

Monstrous Armor and Magic Armor

A character has 2 points of magic armor and armor granting 3 points of monstrous armor. If that character is hit for 4 damage it is applied to the magic armor first, reducing the magic armor to 0. The remaining 2 damage is then applied to the monstrous armor, which reduces the TWO damage to one. After the damage is dealt the character now has 0 magic armor remaining, and 2 points of monstrous armor remaining.

Mend Armor and Magic Armor

Magic armor may not be repaired by mend armor, once spent it is gone. A new magic armor effect can give you new magic armor however.

Magic ArmorFour Points

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