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Once upon a time, there were a dozen of us playing this game. Everyone took turns writing plots, playing the one ogre we had horns for, and PCing.

As the game grew larger, it became possible to specialize a bit. Some of us focused on rules or plot and didn't have to put in so much effort to the other jobs. We started calling these divisions of labor "Working Groups".

Plot, Rules, Operations, Logistics, etc were born!

On the forums this was easy, because of permissions. Some things we had to tell to everyone in a working group, so we created a "Staff" forum as the sum of all working groups.

Fast forward to today, we've grown to nearly ten times our original numbers, but at some point there became this idea of "US vs THEM" as "Players vs Staff". I don't know when it happened, but it's apparent and it's not something we should keep on with.

Every one of us comes to game, plays our two NPC shifts and two PC shifts. The game runs because we all make it run for each other.

And so, I propose that everyone who's been at game more than a year should join a working group. We're all in this game together, they all need help, they all need new blood, and you have a good enough idea of how the game works to make a good contribution!

Come get a look behind the curtain, because the curtain only needs to be there during your PC shift.

Working groups have someone leading them, called a Marshal. They're the final say in their little domain. Under them are people who are learning to be a marshal one day, we call them Seconds. Anybody can be in those positions, you've just gotta be competent, trustworthy, and around long enough to get the ambition (and pain) of wanting to manage your friends.

Once or twice a year the Marshals, Seconds, and one or two wildcards get together for something called a "Staff Retreat" where they talk about what worked, what didn't worked, and where they're going to steer their working group in the year ahead.

~Dan M

Each marshal heads a different aspect of the Kingdoms of Novitas game. The marshals each oversee a variety of staff that work with them to help them make the game happen.

Marshal List

Links on players names will take you to their forum profiles on the Kingdoms of Novitas forums so you can contact them.

  • Logistics: Handles character sheets, running sign-in, managing magical loot, paperwork, assigning item numbers, assisting the GMs during shifts with loot, and more. Also handles all internal paperwork, manages waivers & releases.
  • Marketing and Player Outreach: Covers recruiting new players, discreetly handling OOG conflict between players, managing player retention, and more. Manages advertising, KoN evangelism & recuriting on other forums & sites, sometimes t-shirts, conventions.
  • Operations: Care and feeding of the ranger, care and upkeep of the site, taxes, corporate business, finances, and more. Handles all external paperwork, manages website back end stuff and forum administration. Oversees bookkeeping, maintains physical site repairs and improvements. Manages any corporate reporting.
  • Plot and Continuity: Writing plots, approves backstories, runs the NPCs of each shift, responds to lore requests, manages PELs, and more. Handles metaplot, shift plots, continuity, post event letters, character backgrounds, world background, lore requests, and roleplaying skill adjucation.
  • Props and Atmosphere: Caring for our existing props, ensuring that every player/monster/prop fits with the aesthetic we want at KoN, acquiring new props, painting all you nerds, and more. Checks garb & encampements, handles prop maintenance, organized the prop shed, creates monster & npc costuming, builds npc weapons, and manages racial makeup
  • Rules and Balancing: Making sure the rules are as simple as possible, making rules available to players & GMs who need them, carefully balancing rules while making changes as seldom as possible, and more. Identifies rules & mechanics in need of fixing, handles playtesting, approves new creatures & epic items, manages the games economy, and issues errata or clarifications as necessary.

Other Staff

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