Master's Blade Rules

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Master's Blade Rules

A master's blade is an exceptional weapon that may only be used by a weapon master. In the hands of a weapon master a master's blade allows that weapon master to execute a third "master's strike" per game day. Weapon masters may not gain further "master's strikes" with additional master's blades.

All master's blades count as masterwork weapons.

A master's blade can only be crafted by a master craftsman with the tinker five and weaponsmith five skills. It costs 24 craft points and 200 coin total to craft a master's blade. When a master's blade is crafted 16 of the crafting points spent to create the weapon can be reallocated to pay for the type of weapon, or to purchase additional enhancements or abilities for the weapon. Thrown weapons and ammunition may never be made into a master's blade, but other non-bladed weapons are fine.

A master's blade must have an above average looking prop to represent it.

Related Rules

Weapon Master Title

A character who has learned all 20 of the combat skills earns the title of "weapon master".

Twice per game day a weapon master may execute a "master's strike". This lets the weapon master add either the "slay" or the "pierce" call to a weapon attack. Furthermore that attack allows the character to hit for the appropriate amount of damage with a cap of up to 4 damage if they would normally be capped at a lower amount of damage.

Masterwork Weapons

A masterwork weapon (sometimes referred to as masterwork terran weapons in older days) once correctly identified using the estimate value skill strikes for +1 weapon damage of the appropriate type. A masterwork weapon also has additional monetary value beyond what an equivalent weapon would be worth.

Weapon Crafting Point Costs

When you are crafting a new weapon you must pay a number of crafting points based on what you are creating. Every weapon will have a starting cost based on what type of weapon it is. From there you can select any feature you want, such as crafting the weapon from one or more magical materials, giving special abilities to the weapon, or imbuing a spell into the weapon.

Weapon Crafting Costs

Weapon Base TypeCraft Points
Non-Martial Melee Weapon0
Martial Melee Weapon4
Great Weapon16
Thrown Weapon0
Bow or Crossbow4
Arrows or Bolts0
Special MaterialCraft Points
Goblin Iron8
Elven Steel20
Special AbilityCraft Points
Mage Blade12
Master's Staff of Wizardry24
Master's Blade24
Imbued SpellsCraft Points
Imbue with a 1st Level Spell4
Imbue with a 2nd Level Spell8
Imbue with a 3rd Level Spell12

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