Monstrous Armor

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Monstrous Armor

Monstrous armor points are gained from specific types of worn armor. These points takes damage just like ordinary armor points do but reduce any damage dealt to them without the "Slay" call to one. Only the physical armor points benefit from this damage reduction, damage dealt to magic armor and body are not reduced.

Monstrous armor does not give any of the other benefits granted to a monstrous creature.

Detailed Interactions

Monstrous Armor and Magic Armor

A character has 2 points of magic armor and armor granting 3 points of monstrous armor. If that character is hit for 4 damage it is applied to the magic armor first, reducing the magic armor to 0. The remaining 2 damage is then applied to the monstrous armor, which reduces the TWO damage to one. After the damage is dealt the character now has 0 magic armor remaining, and 2 points of monstrous armor remaining.

Body, the Pierce Call and Monstrous Armor

A character has 4 points of monstrous armor and 4 points of body. They take 4 Pierce damage. After the damage is taken they will have 4 monstrous armor remaining and 0 body. Nothing is reduced by the monstrous armor because the armor was bypassed completely.

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