Natural Armor

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Natural Armor

Natural armor is a trait that some creatures have and is granted by some very rare magic items. By default natural armor behaves like magic armor: namely absorbing damage anywhere, not just locations covered by physical armor. Some specific creatures have their own rules for where their natural armor applies much like physical armor.

Related Rules

Pierce Calls

Damage with the "Pierce" call ignores any physical armor, magical armor, or natural armor the target might have. This means that damage not prevented by an immunity or a prevention effect is applied to the targets body first and as a limb or torso wound if they run out of body.

Detailed Interactions

Natural Armor and Mend Armor

Natural armor can be repaired with effects such as the mend armor spell.

Natural Armor and Enhance Armor

Natural armor may not be enhanced with the enhance armor spell or similar effects that target physical armor.

Natural Armor and Caps

Because natural armor appears almost exclusively on creatures, there is no cap on natural armor.

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