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Non-Player Characters

A non-player character or npc is any character that is not a player character. These characters are sent out from logistics by game masters, such as townsfolk, bandits, and monsters.

During a shift various marshals will organize all players who are NPCing from logistics. NPCs will be given roles to play from the game master (GM) working that shift. A NPC will put on costuming based on that role, they will get make-up as needed, and be given loot that PCs might take or earn from them if appropriate. Generally each plot will have a Lead NPC to organize it and answer any questions a NPC might have when out in play.

You may not use any of your player character's garb or other possessions while working as a npc. This could create a situation where you have lootable items that shouldn't be looted, and this should never happen. You also want your player character's garb to be easily recognizable as that belonging to that character.

When you are working as a non-player character you are allowed (and encouraged) to have a tote of your own NPC garb stashed in logistics. When you are done you should be sure to remove your stash immediately. After a player has been part of the game long enough (around a year) it is expected that they start bringing some amount of npc garb with them to improve their costuming options. Weapon props are especially important for the well prepared non-player character to bring.

While you are working as a npc you are expected to do any reasonable task asked of you by the game master, failure to do so could result in you not earning experience for the shift. Always make sure before you leave logistics that you have any required costuming or make up for the character you are playing.

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A shift is a 5 hour block of time during which the game is taking place. During each shift a player must choose to either be a player character (PC) or a non-player character (NPC). Players are expected to NPC for at least as many shifts as they PC.

If you are going to be late for a shift or need to leave early for some reason, that shift should be one of the shifts that you PC.

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