Novitas Holiday Events

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Novitas Holiday Events

Each year Novitas has a special out-of-character event as a party/ fund-raising event for Novitas. Currently that event is the Junebilee (in July), but it has also been Novitas New Year, and for the longest time of all Feb Feast. In fact Feb Feast has run for so long that it is still the term used to describe the items that come from these events even when they are not from the event of the same name.

During this event there will be an auction, done as a form of fundraiser for the game. Magic items obtained from an auction during one of these special events have special traits unique to these items.

Feb Feast Items:

  • Can be looted, but with special conditions
    • If the item is looted from the owner of the item it must be returned to the player at the end of the event.
    • If the item is loaned to another character and it is then looted from that character, it loses all of these special traits.

  • If the item is permanently transferred for any reason to a different player it loses all of these special traits.

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