Novitas Holiday Events

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Novitas Holiday Events

Novitas New Year, and it's predecessor Feb Feast were special events held in the past as a party/ fund-raising event for Novitas. Starting in 2018 they will be replaced with the new June/July (date currently undetermined) Jubilee event which will be a picnic at a park during the games off season.

During this event there will be an auction, done as a form of fundraiser for the game. Magic items obtained from an auction during one of these special events have special traits unique to the event. These magic items last forever, if the prop breaks you can replace it, unlike other props. A Novitas New Year item can be transferred among your characters, which cannot normally be done. Novitas New Year items cannot be stolen in-game as long as the original winner is in possession of it. If a character loans a Novitas New Year item to another character and that item is then stolen from the second character, the item must be returned to the owning player at the end of the event. However any current characters of the owning player may no longer use the item for as long as those characters are part of the game.

These items can be transferred to another player's character permanently but if this is done the item loses its Novitas New Year properties and is forever more treated as a standard magic item.

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