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Player Characters

A player character (or PC for short) is any character created by and role-played by it's creator. Players are allowed to play a PC for up to 2 shifts per event.

Players are allowed to have more than one character. A player's primary character is referred to as a "main" while other characters are referred to as "alts". Alts follow normal character creation rules. Players with more than one character choose which character they assign any experience earned to. Gear (or any other resource) earned by one character may not be transferred to another. Each alternate character should have a different character background and should generally seek to interact with different player characters than other existing characters you have.

Players may have any number of characters at a time, but can only have two characters active in a one year time frame. If character death results in a situation where you can't play a PC due to this rule, be sure to talk to a marshal about the circumstances.

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