Player Initiated Plots (PIP)

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Player Initiated Plots (PIP)

One of the best parts of a roleplaying game is when you decide in character that you want to act out some self determined goal. Player initiated plots (PIPs for short) are there to help you accomplish these goals in Kingdoms of Novitas. With so many players and no direct interaction between game masters and players while an event is happening, there is no way for a game master to know what your characters want to do, unless you tell them.

This is where PIPs come in. This is your chance to initiate or advance a story for you/ your party and to request that the GM's take a look at the possibility of running that story.

To request a PIP send an email to Be sure to include what it is you want to do, which players/ characters are going, any history that might be relevant to the story, and what shifts the players involved will be PCing.

Be sure to give the game masters at least two weeks before an event so they have time to plan. And remember that sometimes PIP's take more than one event to come about.

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