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Post Event Letters (PEL)

A Post-Event Letter (PEL for short) is an optional recap of what you did during an event. Turning in a PEL will earn two experience points. The goal of a PEL is to give the game masters a good understanding of what happened during an event and why. Useful details to include in a PEL include major events your player character participated in, and any story impact that non-player characters you played might have had. It is also very useful to mention if an NPC you played might have value in appearing again at a future event.

A PEL must be submitted no later than 2 weeks after an event takes place by emailing: They should be at least 500 words minimum (but still conscise) and proof-read. There is no specific format that they need to be in. The plot staff have a lot of these to read through so it should never be longer than 3 pages single spaced.

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