Potion Production

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Potion Production

Characters with the brew potion skill can produce potions using production points. A character only spends production points when you first check-in for an event. In order to create items you'll have to learn to use the preproduction system.

To produce a potion you must know the spell you wish to make into a potion. It will cost 1 production point and 1 coin per level of the spell being made into a potion. The character producing the potion must also have enough magic power points to cast the spell being made into a potion. Not every spell can be made into a potion. You can find a list of spells that can be potions here.

A character with the brew potion skill can also produce potion water in either one point or two point versions.

Related Rules

Potion Rules

A potion is a one use consumable item. Potions that aren't for drinking are referred to as oils and follow all the same rules, except that they are applied to a subject instead of drank. To use a potion simply role-play drinking it, to use an oil role-play applying it to a subject. Using a potion never requires an incant and never costs magic power points.

No skill is needed to identify the contents of a potion. At any time a character can role-play looking in the vial, and may then look at the piece of paper inside the vial to learn what the potion's effect will be.

Items that duplicate spells, such as scrolls and potions make the user count as the person casting the spell for the purposes of voluntarily dispelling an effect.

To administer a potion to a helpless character you must have the first aid skill.

After using a potion you'll find both players and logistics staff alike will reward you for returning the now empty potion vial.

Related Items

Potion Water (Rank 1)

This item can be turned in during check-in to grant one additional production point only usable to produce potions

Potion Water (Rank 2)

This item can be turned in during check-in to grant two additional production points only usable to produce potions

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