Props - Creating and Using

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Props - Creating and Using

Real world props are used to represent in game items. A player's personal property such as the tunic you wear in game cannot be stolen in-game. However if you were to use that same tunic to represent a magic item with the ornamenting skill it would be given an identification number, so that players with identify magic can ID it. Props that have ID numbers, referred to as "numbered items" can be stolen during the game. Because you still own the tunic out-of-game the player who steals the tunic from you should contact you after the game is done to work out what will happen with the tunic. You can choose to sell them the tunic for in-game coin, real world money, or you can have them return the tunic to you, but you will not be allowed to use it any longer for your character - in-game it was stolen after all.

Other treasure is the property of Kingdoms of Novitas so that it can be stolen during the game. Game masters have the discretion to remove props from play at any time.

Players are responsible for keeping, between games, any props they acquire during the game. Should a prop become too damaged for play it will be removed from the game permanently. Retired props provided by the game should be returned to logistics so they can repair it to someday be introduced as a brand new different item.

A player can turn a prop into an item worth coin at any time by bring both the prop and the coin it will be worth to logistics. There a staff member will assign the prop an item number and from that point on, the prop will be an item that can be traded or looted, with an associated coin value.

Related Skills

Identify Magic

Characters with the identify magic skill are proficient in deciphering the workings and purposes of magical objects. Each magic item in the Kingdoms of Novitas is marked with an indelible number that acts as a code for the object’s function. A master list in logistics lists the numbers and the corresponding magical abilities of every magical item in the game. A character with this skill is allowed to use provided identify magic lists compiled by logistics to have it's functions identified. Players can alternatively use the following web app to identify their magical loot on the spot.

This is the magic item look-up web app.

Only items that are numbered can be identified with the identify magic skill. Items that do not have numbers do not require identify magic to identify them.

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