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Spells have ranges to determine what they can affect. You are not required to be able to see your target in order to cast a spell.

  • Tag Bag: This is the longest range a spell can have. These spells are delivered by a tag bag which is thrown at the target.
  • Touch: A touch effect is delivered to a willing or helpless target by "touch"
  • Self: A spell with a range of self can only benefit the caster. When a consumable is made from a spell with a range of self, only someone who knows that spell can use that consumable.


Some items have ranges to determine what they can affect.

  • Ingested: This item must be consumed either directly out of the vial it is in, or in the case of ingested poisons it can be concealed in a drink or food item.
  • Thrown: This item in-game represents a delicate vial that will break when thrown at a target. This is represented with a tag bag that is thrown at the intended victim. The item must be close at hand before the tag bag can be thrown.
  • Touch: This item must be applied like a balm or a cream to the intended willing or helpless recipient.
  • n/a: This item is almost certainly a permanent item represented by a prop that is used by using that prop.

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